Donna’s approach to whole body, mind, and spirit holistic Yoga has made an incredible impact in our office team. We look forward to our time to relax and explore both internally and externally the things that are affecting our day to day stress. She brings research and asks us what we want so that she can tailor her approach to our group. Sometimes we need a workout, sometimes we need specific work, sometimes we just need to escape the busyness of the daily work routine…she’s always prepared to get us where we need to go. Her careful explanations and inquiry help guide us to a better us. And her voice is so nurturing in guided meditation that sometime we just want Savasana for the whole session.

Amanda Dunlap

Chief of Operations, IFP Austin

Since my first meeting with Donna she has been an inspiring and uplifting force in my life. She has a pioneer approach in her treatment weaving together knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the body with deep intuition, treating the body in an honoring way as the manifestation of a deeper reality. When I came to Donna with a frozen shoulder she worked on alignment and fascial tissue release. She taught me to sense the area of tension, to notice changes with pressure and movements. She has expanded on her many years of experience with yoga combining the right movements and pressure, to stretch just enough and be mindful of the effects, thus bringing some yoga positions to a new level of therapeutic mindfulness.
Not only has been my frozen shoulder been resolved I also pay now more close attention to position and alignment of my body when I sit, stand or walk.
She has a very gentle, respectful and flexible approach, ready to adjust to the presented and changing situation, attuned in a holistic way assisting and guiding her clients to find their own path to a deeper awareness of the interaction of body, mind and spirit.

Marianne Metzner

Licensed Professional Counsellor, Austin

Donna is my very first yoga instructor. I immediately felt safe and in professional hands after initially talking with her about her practice. She is a quintessential student and master of yoga. I had always imagined yoga as doing one hard pose after another. My experience for over one year has been nothing like that at all.

Donna very quickly assesses the state of my physical emotional, mental and spiritual needs each time I meet with her. She shares research with me that pertains directly to what we are working on, both before the session and afterwards in the form of an email review and suggestions for the week. Her kindness, tenderness and unconditional acceptance of me has changed my approach to life. I find myself repeating her words she uses during the session (which have such a calming and centering effect on me) throughout the week. She not only teaches important principles, she lives them. She is a role model for me.

Ellen Damrau

Retired School Counselor

Donna is like a guide who reconnects me to a deep wise part of myself that gets buried by daily life. Donna has a unique ability to combine body biomechanics with energy and imagery to reset me back to my best-feeling self.

Kathleen Kelly

Retired Human Resources Manager

Donna is awesome at making sure you are 110% confident and comfortable doing each position. She’d offer a modified version of the pose for me when I had difficulty. I never feel rushed, or judged for not being able to do something. In fact, I always end up feeling way more empowered to take on the world after one of our sessions. She also made sure to explain each move and the benefits that came along with it.

Before starting Yoga with Donna, I suffered from unbearable lower back pain. Although it does flare up from time to time, It’s not nearly as bad as it was prior to doing yoga. I also feel like my overall flexibility and balance has improved from our first class to my current state. And last but certainly not least, I feel so much more aware of my body and what I must do to keep this vessel in tip top shape.

Jen Salinas

Marketing and Compliance Associate, IFP

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