Welcome to Magnified Spirit, a place to expand back into your inherent self-worth, reignite your knowing and wake up as your BEST, 'on purpose' self.

Perhaps you’ve been classified as ‘sensitive’ or empathic or anxious or depressed.

Maybe somewhere along the way you’ve learned to doubt our OWN FEELINGS.

Have you settled all your life, tending to those around you?

Maybe you feel vague and chameleony, uncomfortable with standing out and being seen and heard. Perhaps your environment caused you to WILT and self-forget…

That ends now my friend. Now, you’re ready for more.

True service comes from a place of fullness and feeling good about yourself. Stop settling and start living. Reconnect with the VIBRANT, curious girl you knew before she became papered over with should's, supposed to's and limiting beliefs like "I'm not good enough."

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